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New Novel Alert: Her Psychic Powers are Fake, but the Missing Girl She Needs to Find is Real

Posted on March 28, 2015 at 7:15 AM

It's release day for my new novel, Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective. You'll find this yarn of mystery available at all the major e-book retailers, from Amazon and Barnes & Noble to Apple and Kobo. Here's the synopsis:

Her psychic powers are fake, but the missing girl she needs to find is real.

Zandra is a renowned "psychic" who knows her abilities come from her wits, not anything supernatural. Her skills are put to the ultimate test when the police turn to Zandra after the search for a missing girl goes cold. But there's a catch. The girl's wealthy father was the prime suspect in the unsolved murder of Zandra's husband years ago.

Can Zandra put aside her grudge for the sake of a missing child? Or is this the perfect opportunity for revenge?

I'm hoping this novel becomes the first in a series. There's certainly plenty of inspiration for it. Part of Zandra's character is based on a "real" psychic from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, where I used to live. This person apparently slept with clients' wallets to bring them financial luck. Of course, those wallets didn't always make it back to their owners. This took place during the height of the recession, so this psychic's victims were probably desperate as all hell. To the surprise of no one, this psychic eventually skipped town.

With Glass Eye, I wanted to explore what would happen if the police tapped such a "psychic" to help with a high-profile case. How long could the scam go on? And could the same skills that make someone a great "psychic," like being able to notice little details, also be applied toward clever detective work? The idea percolated in my head for years before I finally pulled the trigger on the novel.

Zandra isn't as evil as that Stevens Point psychic, but she's no saint, either. Part of the fun of writing Glass Eye is the way she slips between hero and villain. That back and forth is what makes her one of the most fleshed out characters I've ever written.

I hope you'll pick up a copy of Glass Eye. The e-book on sale now for $2.99, which is less than the average palm reading. Go for it, slice.

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